Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Use of Java for Technical Testing Case Study

When we learn Java, or think about learning Java, we may have a limited model of the possibilities that the knowledge opens up for us.

As we learn we develop skills we may be unaware of:

  • Use of IDE
  • General Debugging Skills
  • Breakpoint running code
  • Inspect variables when debugging
  • Running Java applications from the command line
  • Ability to review Java Code
  • Understanding exception messages
All of this can help us with our Technical Testing.

I have created a set of case study videos, about an hour long, showing these skills in action, while technical testing of a couple of Java desktop applications.

If you haven't read Java For Testers yet, then this video series will give you an idea of the way that Testers can apply they Java knowledge they learn.

And if you have read Java For Testers, then this might reveal opportunities to expand your testing that you haven't explored yet.

The case study videos are free, you just have to sign up to the video course to watch it.

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