Monday, 27 May 2013

Java For Testers

I'm working on a new book with a working title of "Java For Testers".
You can find more information on the "About The Book" page.
From my experience of helping testers learn Automation, I think the world needs another Java book, but this time approaching the subject in a different order and with different examples.
When I wrote "Selenium Simplified" I covered 'learning Java' and 'learning Selenium' at the same time. This meant that it worked really well for people new to both subjects, which it was designed for. But if you already knew Java, the book was a little slow.
Instead of revisiting "Selenium Simplified" I've decided to create a book that covers the fundamentals of Java, and then when I write other books on WebDriver or Test Automation, I don't have to embed the basics in those books and they can focus on the topic directly.
I'm still writing it, but stay tuned for more information.